About Us


At Evergreen Environmental Services, we focus on three things and do all three of those things very well.

As specialists in fuel systems, convenience stores, and car washes, our reputation for quality precedes us—which is why we’ve served every major oil company and local independent fuel distributor in the Pacific Northwest.

In a field where trends and regulations are constantly changing, we have remained consistent in providing quality construction every step of the way. This is because at the root of what we bring to every project is honesty, integrity, and a loyal and dedicated team.

We are available from the very beginning of your planning stages to help give perspective on making the project successful. Because we’ve been building and remodeling since 1994, we can identify and prevent many potential problems before they even arise.

From inception to completion, we analyze every possible outcome of the project to ensure its feasibility, that all regulations are met and compliance standards are upheld.

We value strong relationships—not just with our clients and employees, but also with the regulatory agencies we do business with, and our vendors.


Our supervisors and foremen are Washington State certified for UST installation, retrofitting, and decommissioning.

Our technicians are ICC certified for:

  • Vapor recovery system installation and repair
  • Tank tightness testing
  • Vapor recovery system testing
  • Manufacture certified for line and leak detection

All of our field personnel are trained in:

  • 40-hour Hazwoper
  • CPR/First Aid
  • AED trained
  • Trenching & Excavation

In order to do a great job, you need a team that is going to bring their best work to the table… and that is what we do, every single day!